1157 LED Bulb - 27 x 5050 SMD small LED Tower

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1157 (BAY15D) single intensity 15mm bayonet base tower type lamp with 27 high power SMD LEDs. European style BAU15S base with 180 degree offset locking pins.12VDC replacement bulb.

These are the most powerful and intense LED samll-towers we carry. Again we have done the research for you. These are the ones you need if you want intensity for your blinker. Brighter and sharper ON/OFF response time.

Performance Specifications:
Nom. Voltage = 12VDC
Nom. Current = 190mA (+/- 5%)
Nom. Wattage = 2.2 W

Mechanical Specifications:
OD = 20mm (0.787 inches)
Height = 24mm (0.945 inches)
LED = 27 x  5050 SMD

Also known as BAY15D.