7507 LED Bulb - mini LED Tower

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Very powerful. 360 degree Viewing Angle. 12VDC operation.

These mini LED towers offer the very best in light output distribution for its size. Perfect solution for replacing the stock turn signal bulbs. Fits the BAU15S or also known as the PY21W and 7507 base. Solid aluminum construction allows for more efficient heat dissipation. Again we only carry these coz they are Badass! You'll experience brighter and crisper turn signals.

Performance Specifications:
Nom. Voltage = 12VDC
Nom. Current = 190mA (+/- 5%)
Nom. Wattage = 2.2 W

Mechanical Specifications:
OD/Base = 18mm (0.709 inches), OD/Top = 12mm (0.472 inches)
Height = 21mm (0.827 inches)
LED = 10 x  5730 SMD

Price per bulb. Most vehicle applications required 2 bulbs. Also known as BAU15S and PY12W.