Viz-dom of the day

Posted by Bernard Lautee on 4th Aug 2017

Knowledge: Something that should be put up for questioning.

Viz-dom of the day: Beyond conflict

Posted by Bernard Lautee on 25th Jul 2017

Beyond conflictTo push or to pull requires an internal decision. This creates the little entity that judges based on its past experience and memories leading to its own agenda.... "What's in it for me … read more


Posted by Bernard Lautee on 10th Jul 2017

Only that which is true can touch reality.What is true can never be told nor shown by another. You as an individual must find out for yourself the nature of your reality. Else you risk living in illus … read more

Should one fear death?

Posted by Bernard Lautee on 22nd May 2017

No. One should find out what fear is.