SupaBrake-IIT Profile Select Tool (option)

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Shown tooling board.

You don't need this tool. But if you wish to quickly configure and test the SB2-T on the bench prior to installing it in your car, this option will allow you to do just that. The customer can quickly configure and test the many different profiles of the SB2-T without having to physically install on their vehicle prior. The user can select his or her favorite profile and then install in car without the need of a second person to press and hold the brakes while verifying the third brake light and/or programing it.

Customer can also return this tooling hardware after installation is complete for a 100% store credit of purchase price!

We don't want to sell you something that you only use once nor promote keeping hardware around that you don't use. This saves us having to build more in terms of time and is excellent for the environment.