Exhaust Servo Emulator


This is the kit you were looking for and need. No bullsh*t 10 year warranty!


Our Servo Exhaust Eliminators/Emulators(ESE) is a solid-state electronic device that is designed and manufactured by us in house in the USA. It allows for the replacement of the servo actuator assembly as factory installed on all new motorcycles as part of the exhaust system integrated with the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The unit allows you to get rid of the servo setup thus giving your bike a cleaner look, leaving more room under the seat, save weight, improve performance, improve sound and additional hardware(servo cables that have been known to melt regularly and physical butterfly. A lot cheaper than a full system aftermarket setup to simply clear any CEL/FI/EXEC error codes!

* If you are getting an error code that cannot be cleared with the stock hardware. Please do NOT order this item. It will not fix the issue. Contact us for more details.

Device is for off-highway or showroom use only.

Simple installation
1. Unplug and remove the factory exhaust valve actuator.
2. Remove cable(s) to the actual valve installed within the exhaust. The valve will default to the open position. Verify before proceeding.
3. Plug the ESE into the factory wiring harness using the stock connector to secure.
4. Turn on your ignition and verify your Check Engine Light (CEL) message is off.


2 oz


1.4 × 1.0 × 0.3 in

Wire Length & Gauge

40mm +/-10mm (2.5 inches +/-0.5) *Exclude connectors
18 AWG

Electrical Specs

Quiescent current = 0.001 Amps
Operating Temperature = -40C to +80C
Storage Temperature = -40C to +95C