Founded in 2006. Vizible Technologies is a fusion of all things two wheeled (especially naked air cooled Italian motorcycles) and electrical engineering. Passion for quality is what drives us to design the products we manufacture, test and bring to market. If our designs are not good enough for our own motorcycles, then they are not good enough for yours. Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments or even just a hello from old and new customers.

Since the first Supabrake, I was inundated with requests from owners of other brand/model motorcycles, and began adding more SupaBrake models to the line. Currently, we are on the 3 gen of the SupaBrake product line offering over 250 kits for each line and adding more every month. Our exhaust servo eliminator (ESE) product is our second product line we offer. Like all our products it comes with a 10 Year warranty.