SupaBrake spare harness (option)

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An optional item for your Supabrake tail light modulator. Not needed but is offered as an option. Gives you a spare harness that has 3 extra wires on your Supabrake kit. Switched 12V, Brake light (modulated) and Ground wires. A 4th wire, stock brake signal available upon request.

The switched 12V power, or brake signal is very useful if you need to power up additional third party loads such as LED lights common on luggage case or license plates or cameras/GPS or to simply drive a relay to feed power to higher current loads. The splice (solder) is made on the internal PCB where we have allocated the proper soldering pads. From your point of view, all you need to do is install the SupaBrake then terminate this optional pigtail harness using the supplied mating connector to your third party load.

* Need purchase of SB2 or SB3 module. Picture is for show only. Exact connector and kit will be determined per model and year of bike

The customer gets a spare plug&play pigtail harness with their SupaBrake or GDO(Garage Door Opener) kit that allows access to the internal signals of the SBx module. If your bike has a 3 wire system, the switched 12V, modulated brake output and ground will be made available. >Stock brake signal also available upon request only!<  This item is not available on certain motorcycles using a 2 wire PWM protocols.

The extra harness will be terminated with a 3 or 4 positions Amp Superseal 1.5 Series waterproof OEM grade connector or similar quality OEM connector. Length shall be no less than 6 inches. Wires shall be 18 or 20 AWG. Consult your service manual for allowable spare current on the tail light circuit/wire/connector. Not recommended for heavy loads such as grip/seat warmers.

Note that some of the newer bikes (especially) the BMW limit the amount of available current to drive extra loads. This is due to their real time monitor over the CANBus. For this you’ll need an extra driver. We offer a solution for this. Please contact us for more details.

* Need purchase of SB2 or SB3 module. Picture is for show only. Exact connector and kit will be determined per model and year of bike.


4 reviews for SupaBrake spare harness (option)

  1. David B. (verified owner)

  2. Toby L.

    Just what I needed to get an ignition trigger and a feed for a LED brake light light-bar. What a great option!

  3. Tim (store manager)

    By using this along with Bernard’s knowledge I was able to leave my factory wiring in tact and still utilize the features of the Supabrake 2 with my stock tail light and the additional lighting installed in my top box with a quick disconnect when the box is not in use.

  4. John T (store manager)

    Allowed me to have power for my phone. Very good.

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