Exhaust Servo Eliminator

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All of our exhaust servo eliminators (ESE) are built using the very best engineering practices. They are built first and foremost for performance, robustness and customer satisfaction. We offer a full 10 year warranty on this product! The kit is made from one solid piece of CNC’d Delrin(R) material and potted with marine grade automotive epoxy which yields a 100% sealed enclosure against dirt, grease and moisture.

If you are keeping the stock servo motor on the bike don’t forget to add a blank mating connector with dummy rubber plugs to protect the open floating connector dry and dirt/rust free.


Our Exhaust Servo Eliminators/Emulators (ESE) are digitally controlled via a microprocessor and onboard voltage regulator that guarantees not to lose servo position during whatever extreme conditions; Unlike other products that are purely analog.  Manufactured in-house in the USA.

This kit allows for the replacement of the servo actuator assembly as factory installed on all new motorcycles as part of the exhaust system integrated with the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The unit gets rid of the servo setup thus giving your bike a cleaner look, leaving more room under the seat, saves weight, improves performance and sound. A lot cheaper than a full system aftermarket setup to simply clear any CEL/FI/EXEC error codes!

* If you are getting an error code that cannot be cleared with the stock hardware. Please do NOT order this item. It will not fix the issue. Contact us for more details.

Device is for off-highway or showroom use only.

Simple installation
1. Unplug and remove the factory exhaust valve actuator.
2. Remove cable(s) to the actual valve installed within the exhaust. The valve will default to the open position. Verify before proceeding.
3. Plug the ESE into the factory wiring harness using the stock connector to secure. Use the optional blank connector with dummy rubber seals to cap off the unused connector on motor side.
4. Turn on your ignition and verify your Check Engine Light (CEL) message is off.

Your motorcycle’s ECU will never know if it is talking to the stock servo motor assembly or if it is talking to our 0.7oz (20grams) eliminator!

Additional information


2 oz


1.4 × 1.0 × 0.3 in

Wire Length & Gauge

40mm +/-10mm (2.5 inches +/-0.5) *Exclude connectors
18 AWG

Electrical Specs

Quiescent current = 0.001 Amps
Operating Temperature = -40C to +80C
Storage Temperature = -40C to +95C

113 reviews for Exhaust Servo Eliminator

  1. Terry Piper (uk)

    Worth while bit of kit! This is a top buy not only does it release the beutifull full sound of the engine but used alongside a quick action throttle it gives a more predictable power delivery as well as saving weight this is tiny and so so simple to install. what more do you want, best purchase i have made in a long time.

  2. Mili

    Very Good. Working great on my FZ1 operate the job as described. Thanks

  3. adriano

    Pertect!!! Great quality no doubt the best

  4. Petko

    Easy and reliable. I am very happy with the product as it resolved immediately ‘engine check’ and bike got back to its full power :-)!
    Excellent customer service and very fast shipment!

  5. Dave to the Second Power

    For ZX636R WORKS PERFECT! This little TINY plug works like a charm. have had it plugged into my 2006 ZX636R with custom exhaust and no FI light. have ran at all speeds, easy and hard, and no issues. ALSO, the man behind this company is super easy and nice to deal with, beats the servo buddy price, and is willing to go the extra mile for great customer service. I WILL order other product from this guy again! Did i mention the fast shipping?! THANKS VIZI-TECH!

  6. junaid

    Awesome! This product is awesome talk about quality can’t believe how fast this product arrived from the other side of the world. I would highly recommend this product to any one stop looking at other brands this is the only I one that you need does exactly what it says on the tin !

  7. Unknown

    Highly Recommended! Great Product, good price. Works great!!! Very easy installation. “FI” light shut off immediately

  8. Rusty

    Great product and customer service. I ordered this product for my 2014 zx10r on the advice of my local dealer. Apparently this is the servo eliminator they use and get good results from. The order process was easy and the part arrived quickly, with a hand written note no less. This eliminator looks very high quality and is very small, installation was a snap as well. Everything is working perfectly. Best of all, this part is significantly less expensive than its competitors. I’m very happy with this purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

  9. Jerry

    Good Product. I received it in 5 days to Switzerland. It took me 5 minutes to install it. The FI symbol due to the Akrapovic exhaust on my ZX6R ’05 disappeared immediately. Hope it stays off 😉
    Here is a video of the product:

  10. Lorenzo

    Excellent servo exup bypass. Good work, no more 17 and 18 codes in the ECU. Much better than others that only have a resistance and condensor that not work properly.
    I recommended this one.

  11. jan

    So far so good took off the FI light I had. Deleted the FI light I had on my gsxr 600 I’m happy with the product so far, it also comes with a 10 yr warranty.

  12. Zach

    Fast and Easy. Install was very easy. Plug and play design. With included zip tie for mounting. I would definitely recommend this product. Works flawlessly.

  13. Mathieu Auger

    no fi light shipping very fast. Product work as described, shipping to Canada was very fast!

  14. Andreas


  15. MichaelB

    Does what it says it will. Glad to find this product.

  16. John Spring

    You guys were going through a software update when I order the products. You sent me an email letting me know what was going on. A few days later I received the package with a personal note thanking me for my patience

  17. Elliot

    F1 light was on. This unit worked excellent. Cleared it. Thank you

  18. Nick

    Work as Advertised. Plug and play and immediately the FI light is out on the bike… Appreciated the personal note and the inclusion of a zip tie… those extra touches are real nice..

  19. Dawson

    Everything as advertised. All good. Installation was very easy.

  20. Vince

    Servo Eliminator . Quick plug and play. Worked as advertised.

  21. mike perreault

    DUC.EE yes! I received this yesterday afternoon, I installed it in 30 minutes on my 2013 Ducati 796 (that’s including taking off the exhaust valve actuator parts), installation is a breeze!

    Out for a 120 mile test ride this morning, no CEL at all and just a better running bike overall. It seems to pull better below 3500 rpm, don’t know if eliminating the EX valve did that but, really, who cares?
    100% satisfied customer here!! Thanks

  22. Tim

    Zx6r servo elminator. Works great. No problems. Awesome customer service

  23. Michael

    Works great. Easy mod to get more power from your Ducati. My check engine light was intermittently on displaying an EXVL fault. After receiving my package from Vizi Tex, In 15 minutes I had the exhaust valve motor disconnected and removed. Check engine light came on. Plugged in the duc.ee and viola! Check engine light disappeared, never to return. Couldn’t be happier. Shipping was 2 days

  24. Stefanos

    Best!!! Just Perect !!!

  25. Gaston Fernandez

    Works I get smotheraccelaration! Simple instLl

  26. Orlando

    Servo Eliminator. Haven’t installed it yet but product is as described. Shipping is longer then stated to Canada. I paid for express and got it well outside 3-5 days as stated considering the money I was charged for the express shipping it was very disappointing because it also meant I missed having it installed when I had the chance to when the bike was in for service. Now I have to take it apart again.

    Look forward to positive install results.

  27. Alan Crowder

    DUC-EE does exactly what it says, easy fit and well made.

  28. Curtis

    Works as described. Great product, looks to be well made and does exactly what it is advertised to do.

  29. Valentin Ro

    Fast shipping to Romania. Thank you for very fast shipping.

  30. CY

    Fast shipping and great product! Now I can cut off more weight off my bike!

  31. Jacob

    WORKS 🙂 Simple plug and play, works like magic

  32. Bryan

    exhaust servo eliminator 2015 Multistrada S Great product. Disconnect the exhaust valve/install the servo eliminator/remove the servo and cables. Great bike and without the exhaust valve-even better.

  33. Jimmy

    Satisfied. This product is very space officiant, and makes the bike feel great with no lag. I am very happy with this product.

  34. SeanS

    What a Difference! Very well made. Sold me on the 10 year warranty. Easy plug and play. Deleted my exhaust servo valve on a stock bike and what a difference! That valve in the exhaust is all lies. Doesn’t help with low/mid torque, it actually robs it. My future plans were to upgrade to headers for my gsx s1000, but with just this simple mod I may keep the stock exhaust for now. Spend the money, it’s worth it!

  35. Vincent Ho

    A much smoother ride! Waited for 2 weeks and its all worth waiting for. 5-10mins to install it onto my 2014. Much lesser vibration at low gear and the bike is not as hot as before. Overall makes me wanna ride my bike more than before. Current i had 2 vizi-tec servo bypass install on 2 of my bikes and both work perfectly well.

  36. Patrick

    Simple and easy. Came in a few days. Works fantastic so far. I wasn’t sure what i was going to do when I saw the servo cables were attached to my stock muffler, but this product is such an easy solution. Vizi tec even wrote me a personal thank you on a post it note inside the box.

  37. Stephen Boyd

    Multistrada 1200. Excellent service, cannot fault and the Duc ee performs exactly as said highly recommend.

  38. Richard

    Quality part! I had trouble finding the right plug as Ducati is Italian and it looks like spaghetti under the seat. I emailed tech support for help, Bernard sent me a pic and the rest was super easy. Plunged it in and the check light went off and has not come back on….

  39. .

    2016 Multistrada 1200 Enduro. Fixing was simple. Product is well packed and fit was perfect. Price is good too!

  40. Henrik Svensson

    Do its thing! Plug and play. Fast delivery, nice personal note in the shipment. Parts seems to be quality produced. Do the job. Five stars.

  41. Zig Ray

    If ya have a GSXR,you will have the servo issue. Especially after installing a full competition exhaust. This servo eliminator is the perfect cure! I have a 5 star shop and I only use 5 star products!

  42. Eric

    Very happy with the product. The connector, wires, and potting for the electronics are quality.

    My ’12 848 EVO is running much better in that 5k rpm range where it used to have a significant flat spot in power. It has not completely resolved this issue, however, it’s worlds better than it was with the exhaust flap servo in place.

    Not only do you reduce the flat spot issue, you also can remove the servo and the lines and reduce the weight of the bike a small amount. Probably a pound or two.

    I have no complaints at all with the product I received, shipping was fast, and quality was great. Will definitely buy from here again.

  43. Jimmy P.

    Solved the CLE issue. Persistent CEL (check engine light) solved by removing servo motor and installing the DUC.EE. Easy solution!


    DUCATI ELIMINATOR! Very good product-works great!!.Bernard was very helpful with technical assistance also.

  45. Tor Rydland

    Super service, and good quality product! Thank you for the super service and good quality product you delivered to me.
    Also, the first time ever I’ve received a part together with a handwritten post-it note saying”Enjoy your Ducati and Ride Safe”
    Really nice. It solved immediately the warning for EXVLV 🙂

  46. Unknown

    Great product, tiny and well made. Excellent customer service, I accidentally select the wrong bike model and they sent an exchange at no charge before even receiving the original product.

  47. Laurentiu Bontea

    Excellent communication !!!

  48. Paul P.

    Great service, it arrived promptly even though it had to cross the Atlantic 🙂

  49. Christopher Larkin

    Very pleased. Did exactly what it was meant to. Orange management light stayed on for a few start stop cycles them went off. Servo no longer operates confirmed by no noise on switch on.
    Thanks again

  50. Andre Poisson

    have not receive it yet

  51. Andre Poisson

    how you Don’t Order from Canada you might never get it

  52. Richard J.

    Great product I have been searching for exhaust servo eliminator for a year and a half… I saw a used one on eBay and looked you up. Wish you would pop up more often on google search. Great value and quality. Also great customer service. Thanks!

  53. Shane S.

    I’m sure it’s awesome! Just wish my bike was able to use it. I knew I should have bought a newer vstrom lol

  54. Joey Liutkus

    Super easy to install, this is my second vizi-tec product, the first was the tail light modulator both took about 2 minutes to install.
    I recommend getting the blank mating connector as well, it’s easier to just blank the connection rather than remove the servo motor.

  55. Charles Scappaticci

  56. Mark

    As I said about the vizi-tec Suprabrake III brake light modulators the ESE’s are a mirror image in high build and material quality, plug and play ready
    and so compact that minimal space is needed to tuck them away out of site and once again vizi-tec has me covered because I just purchased and installed an aftermarket exhaust on my bike and also installed the vizi-tec suz-ee exhaust servo estimator on my bike and have no FI light on and it runs like it hasn’t even been touched, thanks again Bernard you are the man and I always recommend your products just from the experience and customer service.
    Thanks Bernard 👍

  57. Arron L.

    I purchased and installed in my 2017 Honda CBR 1000rr it was an easy install. But more than that this servo eliminator is high quality,well sealed and put together. No engine light even after 300mi. I researched other devices that are soldered together and junky looking as well as the name brand servo buddy and I can tell you this one was $15.00 cheaper. So a thanks goes out to this company!

  58. Phil

    Awesome, easy to install, works perfectly.

  59. Gary Lebo

    I bought for a ZX6RR and it works great and easy to install! Thank you!’

  60. ekachai sutalawadee

    very good

  61. Olaf Maack

    The only thing I miss is a manual to install……but the video on youtube helps…….please send in future a detailed install manual with the item please…..


    worked perfect and easy to install

  63. Wesley Webster

    Fast service! And item performs exactly as promised.

  64. Eleftherios

    Excellent product! Fixed rough idle, random engine cut-out with clutch held in, harsh vibrations, and redline issues now that the pesky exhaust valve no longer gets stuck closed.

  65. Jean-Yves L.

  66. Dylan

    Works great on my Ducati Monster 796! No more CEL. Would buy again in a heartbeat! Not a paid advertisement. Find me on insta @moto_nh for questions!

  67. Ryan A.

    Very simple device to install and you can definitely notice the difference in sound and response at low to mid throttle where the exhaust servo would be activated without this installed. Highly recommend adding the piece to protect the unplugged side of the servo circuit; it’s a perfect fit.

  68. Joe B.

    Easy transaction, fast ship, perfect product, 5 minute no tools install product performs exactly as described. Package also contained a hand written thoughtful thank you note.
    What more could you want?

  69. Bharath

    Ordered directly from Vizi-tec. Prompt shipping on the order. Very efficient packaging and I loved that they included a hand written post-it note. shows the true nature of how they treat their customers.
    Plugged it in to my 2019 Multistrada 1260S, no errors. Good to go in under 5 minutes. Definitely recommend it as it helps to avoid having another moving part (Flapper) get stuck because of collecting dirt as it’s in a hard to reach place to clean.

  70. Randall

    An easy plug straight in , very happy all round

  71. Adolfo De leon Jr

    They sent me the wrong part. Didn’t even reply to email for exchange.

  72. Mike Smith

    Fantastic service I’ll recommend you to my friends

  73. Alan H.

    Nice plug and play, once you find the plug it’s simple. Worked perfectly and absolutely no error messages. Installed on a 1199 Panigale R

  74. David Keil

    Excellent experience and cute note with my purchase

  75. Courtney Ricks

    Quality Product. Fast Shipping. Very Happy.

  76. kim

    Item was packaged securely and posted promptly to arrive in remote Western Australia country town less than a week.

  77. Chad Alfson

    This product is AMAZING!!!!!! The ease of install and the the ability to get my Ducati Multistrada to have the “sound” I am looking for without having to spend thousand of dollars for aftermarket exhaust is INCREDIBLE NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT! Shipping was fast and it even came with a hand written thank you note. 5 Stars for this company and its product.

  78. Eric

    Great service, easy to install and works as advertised…awesome.

  79. Matthew K.

    Plug and play!!!! Does what it says it will do.

  80. Brian

    The unite is small and that is important !

  81. guy caron

  82. steven a.

    Excellent quality, easy to install, phenomenal customer service and appreciate the hand written note! You guys rock!

  83. Robert

    I’ve only ridden the bike once so far and it meets my expectations

  84. Lars Magnussen

  85. Matt M.

    Easy plug and play install that enabled a weight savings of nearly 2 pounds! Highly reccommended.

  86. Reijo Kemppainen

  87. Fabian Erle

    Have not received item.

  88. Stephen A.

    Quick fast delivery service to the UK. Easy plug in … no warning lights … no worries.

  89. Sean B.

  90. maciej k.

    Works without any issues.
    Not much to add

  91. Luis F.

    Great experience. Fast shipping and excellent quality. It was exactly what I need to turn off servo error. Other brands did not work. This is the best.

  92. Jon S.

    Been using the servo emulators for years and 0 issues! Best on the market!!!

  93. Anonymous

  94. Joseph

    Quick shipping, great product !

  95. Marc F.

    Monté sur Ducati 950 s 2020. Le résultat est indiscutable. Plus d’à coups dans les bas régimes, plus de souplesse jusque 4000tr/mn. Et le bruit un peu plus sourd, sympa.
    Je recommande.
    Marc (France)

  96. Terence Scoines

    Just the job and fast shipping to the UK!

  97. John C.

    easy mod for extra smiles

  98. David Jenkins

    Price was fine , delivered as expected . Until the weather breaks and i can test it out . There is no way i can evaluate the performance of this product . Ask me again in May .

  99. Andrew G.

    I have not had a chance to use this yet, but it looks like it should work. Price was great and shipping was fast.

  100. Anonymous

    Exactly as pictured/described and works perfectly. Reasonable shipping to Canada via USPS. Thanks for the personal touch/note as well!

  101. Ery

    Love this. Very light and it does the job.

  102. Vish S.

    Ordered for my 2022 cbr600rr.
    Perfect and easy.

  103. Anthony K.

    I purchased the DUC-EE for my 2019 Multistrada 950S. The install was super easy and no codes. When I had a couple questions Bernard responded in less than a few hours! I’ll definitely be buying my brake modulator from Bernard when I’m ready. Excellent customer service!!

  104. Lukas N.

    works perfectly


  106. Erik

  107. Anonymous

    Hi. I bought the Vizi-tec exhaust valve delete plug in dongle for my 2018 Suzuki DL1000XT to eliminate the check engine code/light after installing a Delkevic cat delete system. I completely removed the stock catalytic converter/butterfly valve/silencer assembly and bolted on the Delkevic mid pipe & silencer. I then started the bike and immediately got a check engine light contrary to what delkevic states on their description for their exhaust product. Delkevic states no tuning necessary when using their exhaust. I contacted Delkevic and asked them why am I getting a check engine light to which the tech replied you need an exhaust valve delete dongle. So I did my research and found a few products and decided I would take a chance on the Vizi-tec at the lowest price point of $40 bucks and I am happy to say it works perfectly! The bike runs great and sounds great. Don’t spend $300 to $400 on a power commander as the stock tune works fine. I don’t know why Delkevic doesn’t partner with Vizi-tech and include the dongle with their system because they would have much happier customers if they included it with their cat delete systems. So cudos to Vizi-tec! The item arrived promptly and customer service contacted me more than once to make sure I am happy! Who does that anymore!!!? Not Delkevic….although I am happy with their pipe/value after all is said and done.. Cheers from Cali,


    excellent product

  109. David D.

    Excellent correspondence and product

  110. Kimber Levy

    Just want to know why it’s taking so long to get here?

  111. Thomas Fudale Jr

  112. Philip E.

    Fantastic service. Quick responses and speedy delivery.

  113. Gregory T.

    Fast and efficient service

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