BMW Supabrake-3


Not just another passive blink blink device for your BMW bike. Fully customizable algorithm with a 10 year warranty!

Terminate with OEM connectors for an easy plug and play installation. Kit comes standard with a courtesy output wire to modulate your top-case ( if applicable/bike specific )

The SupaBrake modulator is designed to enhance the reaction time of the vehicle behind you. It will pulsate your vehicle’s brake light(s) with a variable number of flashes calculated by its embedded algorithm. The algorithm is based on the rate at which you apply your brakes. As a result, the brake light(s) are flashed in a more subtle manner at lower speeds (when brakes are frequently used), and more aggressively at higher speeds (when brakes are not used for longer time intervals). This results in the immediate attention of following drivers without annoying them.

  • Simple easy Plug & Ride Installation using OEM connector
    No cutting. No splicing. No crimping. No soldering. Kit comes already with factory connectors.
  • Smart Algorithm
    Algorithm based flash routine with variable modulation and offset is implemented to ease the flashing of your brake light(s) when in heavy stop & go traffic. The product will not continuously flash your brake light(s) as seen on cheaper products that does nothing but annoy the person behind.
  • User profile select
    10 or 108,801 field selectable/programmable profiles!
  • Fully Compatible with all CANBUS vehicles using any 3 or 2 wire format
  • Self-contained profile selection. No need for external hardware/software etc.
  • On-The-Fly profile review. Allows rider to see the internal algorithm settings
  • Selectable Grace Period between brake applications
    The flasher won’t activate if brakes are applied within a certain period
  • Input de-bounce
    This feature allows the user to quickly “tap” the brake lever or pedal without the algorithm inducing its flash routine or resetting. In an event of a “tap”, the brake light will function normally and will appear as an ordinary tap of the brakes. Another aspect to this feature is that it allows the user to initiate a quick speed check on the rear brakes before a full application of the front brakes.
  • Force-Flash retriggering
    This technology, unique to Vizible Technologies, allows the rider to manually induce a flash routine after the initial application of the brakes. This is useful when stopped alone at a red light or in traffic to alert vehicles approaching from behind. Example: Press and hold the brakes for >3seconds. Quickly release and reapply the brakes within half second. The unit will output a burst of flashes.
  • Decaying flash routine
    Each pulse period is gradually increase from the previous pulse. This gives the burst cycle a “de-acceleration” perception when viewed from behind at speed. In other words, the routine will modulate the tail light rapidly at first then gradually slow down to become steady.
  • Defeat Mode
    This feature allows the rider to quickly bypass all the features of the SupaBrake without having to physically remove the unit. The functionality of the brake light is easily revert to stock condition.
  • Miniature size. Powerful micro-controller with “watch-dog” technology
  • Works with all OEM light devices (incandescent, LED or halogen)
  • Algorithm with custom flash routine programming available
  • Legal in all 50 States. (The running light never modulates. Only the brake light)
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Vibration and shock tested
  • Solid construction with surface mount electronics epoxied (IEC 529 IP 6.7 standards)
  • Opto-Isolated from vehicle’s electrical systems
  • Low supply (quiescent) current and High load current
  • De-bounce feature
    Ability to tap brakes without resetting the algorithm
  • Decaying flash routine
  • 10 Year limited warranty!
    The product is 100% encapsulated in epoxy for the ultimate protection against grease, dirt and water. Potted in a CNC case that is constructed out of Delrin(R) makes it virtually indestructible.

Other modules on the market will continue to flash your brake light(s) with the same irritating routine even when you are completely stopped in traffic.  This is not only illegal and annoying it hijacks and conditions other drivers/riders attention. Some of these “zombie-like” flashers claim to have an accelerometer device that will supposedly give you a couple of hundreds milliseconds reaction time. We have experimented with these devices in our lab and done many road tests. They simply don’t work due to the inherit nature of engine vibration, road vibration and mounting angle. These vectored noise components resulted in very poor response and lacked the sensitivity need. This is the reason why we don’t make nor sell them. The accelerometers used in these lesser products do not work for this application. They were designed for hand held devices – not motorcycles!

*Above product depiction is for show only. Actual connectors on unit ordered may differ.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1.4 × 1.0 × 0.3 in
Electrical Specs

Input Voltage = 9VDC to 15VDC
Constant load current = 5.3 Amps
Quiescent current = 0.001 Amps
Operating Temperature = -40C to +80C
Storage Temperature = -40C to +95C
Fully compatible with all OEM light devices (bulbs or LEDs) 2 or 3 wire configuration when applicable. And/or third party integrated lights.
CANBus compliant

Wire Length & gauge

175mm +/-10mm (7 inches +/-0.5) *Exclude connectors
20 AWG or 18 AWG depending on connector used

Wire Colors

Red = Input brake signal
Yellow = Running light aka “+12V”
Black = Ground
White = Modulated output
All other colors = Turn signals and lic plate light

More Info

  • Example at lower speeds:  When the frequency at which the driver/rider applies the brakes increases, (i.e. during low speeds such as city driving), the shorter the burst of flashes to the rear brake(s) light will be. If the brakes are applied within 0 – 12 seconds, the brake light will NOT flash – thus allowing it to function normally (solid brake light). This condition is most valuable during heavy stop-and-go traffic so as not to annoy the person or police in the vehicle behind you.
  • Example at cruising speeds:  When the frequency at which the driver/rider applies the brakes decreases, (i.e. at cruising speed), the longer the burst to the rear brake light will be. This condition is most valuable during quick sudden deceleration at speeds which require quick reaction to changes in traffic conditions or other driver’s intentions. It has been scientifically proven that a quick flashing of a vehicle’s brakes will alert the driver behind much sooner … and the SupaBrake Flasher does this for you.


We stopped making installation documents due to their simplicity. Below are few examples; Read one and you’ve read them all!


” Will this kit work with LEDs?” = Yes!

” Is it compatible with CanBUS?” = 100%

” We ship within 24-48hr of order”

“We do not ship via FEDeX, UPS, DHL… as they are too expansive for such small packages. As a result we only ship vis USPS(regular mail). Cost less and it gets there.  Figure ~$4 within US and ~$14 international”