Garage Door Opener


Pop open your garage door with a few taps of the brakes. Yeah that easy! Just like our brake light modulator install in a snap using stock connectors. No need to drill holes to install bulky buttons or cut or splice wires or any of that nonsense.  Can be installed prior to existing brake light modulators. Easy as pie.


Open and close your gate/garage door. No removing your gloves to get in your pocket for that fob, no fumbling around in compartments, no getting off your bike, just the smooth squeeze of the brake lever and voila, your gate/garage opens just like magic. Easy peasy installation, no holes to drill, no button to install, no wires to cut and splice on motorcycle. Just plug and play using stock OEM connector. Your bike buddies will be in awe!

We here at Vizi-Tec are motorcycle riders and understand what is needed to make rides easier, less hassle and most of all safer (works well with our Supabrake modulators).



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