SupaBrake or GDO Rework

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So you already have a Supabrake taillight modulator for a previous bike. Now you wish to put it on another bike? Fear not… you don’t need to buy a new kit!

Send us over your current kit and we will rework it to fit your new bike. Yes it’s that simple. Again we don’t believe in selling you a new piece of hardware that you don’t need.

To order this service return your existing Supabrake/GDO to address below with a copy of the ordering confirmation/order number. We’ll swap out the connectors and return your kit within a week.

PO BOX 779

You may also contact us at if you have questions or concerns.

*  If your new motorcycle only has the Right & Left lights(NO center tail light) please contact us prior to ordering this service.

**  Due to the newer models of motorcycles(CANBus and other hardware protocols) – Some of the older SupaBrake based hardware may not be compatible with these newer bikes.  >> If you have a SB1 or SB2 please contact us prior to ordering this service. <<

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1.4 × 1.0 × 0.3 in

21 reviews for SupaBrake or GDO Rework

  1. Steven D. (verified owner)

  2. Brian Berkovitz (verified owner)

    Great product that’s well made and easy to fit and use. The company is also easy to deal with, with very helpful and quick communication. I am happy to recommend Vizi-Tec.

  3. Andrew Parker (verified owner)

    Always a cost effective alternative to be able to move a unit from one bike to the next. Bravo for the idea of making this an option.

  4. Unknown

    SupaBrake-3 purchase and rework. I purchased and installed the SupaBrake-3 a few months back and installed on my 2019 Indian Scout. Super easy install, plug and play. Works like a charm. Decided to trade the Scout in for a Springfield last month. I emailed Bernard (fantastic customer service) and was told that I could mail it to him for a re-work to fit the Springfield. Returned and received within a week for about $20 including return shipping. Plug and play, I’m on my way. Fantastic product, easy to install and program, great customer service. Don’t think you could do any better.

  5. Wayne K.

    Supabrake3 is a Top notch product, programmable beyond my needs but fun to experiment with all the settings. I moved from a Triumph Rocket III to a 2016 Honda Africa Twin and had the unit re-worked for the new bike and it functions perfectly even had my old program on it.
    Thanks Bernard, will be getting one for my sons bike as soon as we finish the restoration.

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