Supabrake Light Modulator

(174 customer reviews)


Not just another passive blink blink device… fully customizable algorithm with a 10 year warranty and OEM connector for a super easy plug and play install. Make the smart choice.

We do have the vast majority of models documented. If we don’t have a kit for your bike we will contact you and make you a prototype at cost and refund the rest.


  • Smart Algorithm
    Algorithm based flash routine with variable modulation and offset is implemented to ease the flashing of your brake light(s) when in heavy stop & go traffic. The product will not continuously flash your brake light(s) as seen on cheaper products that does nothing but annoy the person behind.
  • User profile select
    10 or 108,801 field selectable/programmable profiles!
  • Fully Compatible with all CANBUS vehicles using any 3 or 2 wire format. Will work on all newer bikes
  • Self-contained profile selection. No need for external hardware/software etc.
  • On-The-Fly profile review. Allows rider to see the internal algorithm settings
  • Selectable Grace Period between brake applications
    The flasher won’t activate if brakes are applied within a certain period
  • Input de-bounce
    This feature allows the user to quickly “tap” the brake lever or pedal without the algorithm inducing its flash routine or resetting. In an event of a “tap”, the brake light will function normally and will appear as an ordinary tap of the brakes. Another aspect to this feature is that it allows the user to initiate a quick speed check on the rear brakes before a full application of the front brakes. In this case the algorithm will trigger a burst after full brake application.
  • Force-Flash retriggering
    This technology, unique to Vizible Technologies, allows the rider to manually induce a flash routine after the initial application of the brakes. This is useful when stopped alone at a red light or in traffic to alert vehicles approaching from behind. Example: Press and hold the brakes for >3seconds. Quickly release and reapply the brakes within half second. The unit will output a burst of flashes.
  • Decaying flash routine
    Each pulse period is gradually increased from the previous pulse. This gives the given burst cycle a “de-acceleration” illusion when viewed from behind at speed. In other words, the routine will start with a faster frequency and end with a slower frequency.
  • Defeat Mode
    This feature allows the rider to quickly bypass all the functions of the SupaBrake without having to physically remove the unit from the motorcycle. If need be, the functionality of your brake light can easily revert to stock condition.
  • Simple easy Plug & Ride Installation
  • Bypass Mode allows the user to bypass all the features of the SupaBrake without having to physically remove the unit from the motorcycle..
  • Simple Plug & Ride Installation
  • Miniature size
  • Works with all OEM light devices (incandescent, LED or halogen)
  • Algorithm with custom flash routine programming available
  • Ships within 12-48hrs
  • Legal in all 50 States. (The running light never modulates. Only the brake light)
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Vibration and shock tested
  • All weather proof (IEC 529 IP 6.7 standards)
  • Solid construction with surface mount electronics
  • Powerful micro-controller with “watch-dog” technology
  • MOSFET driven
  • Opto-Isolated from vehicle’s electrical systems
  • High load current
  • Low supply(Quiescent) current
  • OEM connectors
  • De-bounce feature
    Ability to tap brakes without resetting the algorithm
  • Force-Flash retrigger
    Ability to induce a burst of flashes while stopped at a stop light if another vehicle approaches from behind
  • Decaying flash routine
  • 10 Year limited warranty!
    The product is 100% encapsulated in epoxy for the ultimate protection against grease, dirt and water. Potted in a CNC case that is constructed out of Delrin(R) makes it virtually indestructible.

Don’t put other outdated bulkier modules on your motorcycle that pulsate your brake light each and every time you apply your brakes. Most of these cheaper annoying modules will continue to flash your brake light(s) with the same irritating routine even when you are completely stopped in traffic. This is not only illegal and annoying it detracts from the visual appearance of your vehicle and other drivers/riders attention to the road. Some of these “zombie-like” flashers claim to have an accelerometer module that will supposedly give you a couple of hundreds milliseconds reaction time. We have experimented with these in our lab and road tests, they don’t work due to the nature of engine vibration, road vibration and mounting angle. Simply too many noise vectored components giving them very poor sensitivity; Not the best way to implement this sort of technology.

*Above product depiction is for show only. Actual connectors on unit ordered may differ.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1.4 × 1.0 × 0.3 in
Electrical Specs

Input Voltage = 9VDC to 15VDC
Constant load current = 5.3 Amps
Quiescent current = 0.001 Amps
Operating Temperature = -40C to +80C
Storage Temperature = -40C to +95C
Fully compatible with all OEM light devices (bulbs or LEDs) 2 or 3 wire configuration when applicable. And/or third party integrated lights.
CANBus compliant

Wire Length & gauge

175mm +/-10mm (7 inches +/-0.5) *Exclude connectors
20 AWG or 18 AWG depending on connector used

Wire Colors

Red = Input brake signal
Yellow = Running light aka “+12V”
Black = Ground
White = Modulated output
All other colors = Turn signals and lic plate light


We stopped making installation documents due to their simplicity. Below are few examples; Read one and you’ve read them all!


” Will this kit work with LEDs?” = Yes!

” Is it compatible with CanBUS?” = 100%

more to come… WIP..

174 reviews for Supabrake Light Modulator

  1. Robert K

    Perfect solution to what i was looking for. Wish I knew about this wonderful product 3 motorcycles ago.

  2. Ed

    Wow. Not just any brake light flasher!!!!!! Top notch product.

  3. Tyler ‘Smeee’ Simmons

    Needed, clean, but a bit pricey. I had been reading a lot about just wiring in a resistor to make the bike more visible. While I have spliced into many car harnesses, I wasn’t too excited about doing that to my new-to-me bike. So this setup is perfect in that it is a much needed mod, one that should have come from the factory, it is also an incredibly clean setup. I really can’t think of a more subtle or easier fix for this than the SupaBrake. So all in all, tremendous product, I would definitely recommend it to others, just a bit pricier than I would have rather paid. 2008 SV560S

  4. Bob

    Safety first!

  5. stewart

    Very simple plug and play setup I found that the default setting was perfect RE the amount of flashes and the space between, it really makes it obvious that you are braking. Very helpful communications from Bernard and postage rates and turnaround to the UK were very good. What more can i say one very happy customer.

  6. Mike Roberts

    Plug & Play, that easy. Took me about 15 minutes to plug in and zip tie. Directions are easy to follow. Google vizi-tec for you tube video that shows exactly how to program it. This thing works great and is super easy to install & set up. I definitely recommend.

  7. Jim

    Originally ordered an SB 2 but was given a complimentary upgrade to SB 3 due to a delay (which I thought was due to overseas shipping). Delivery time still within expectations so top marks for customer service. Bike is a BMW R1200 RS, the blue sports version. Easy to locate the plugs that the SB3 locates into, add another minute to align the extended wires neatly. The units size allows it to lay into an existing molding as if its integral. The ‘Force Flash’ feature is excellent and I now use it regularly; used as a courtesy, you can see other road users making allowance. There’s a huge range of settings and it’s be interesting to see the preferences of other owners. I went for a shorter delay (9 seconds) and mildly aggressive pulse. Was thinking about 4 stars because developmental points include; Wiring leads could be shorter. The configuration instructions could do with a flow chart – blimey, it was hard going! Overall though, well designed piece of kit that gives reassurance, backed up with good service and substantial warranty period.

  8. n/a

    This is one of those bits of kit you hope you never need, a bit like insurance. I read once that if you use the brakes you’ve got it wrong! However BMW are fitting a similar unit to ’16 bikes so maybe it is useful. Well made and superb service from ViziTec, easy to fit. Might be a life-saver so buy now

  9. Yannis

    SB3 install on KTM RC390. Amazing safety device that can literally save ones life. I used a different type of flasher in the past for my K1200RS and liked the functionality, but always wanted to have the ability to tweak the pattern. The SB3 gives me that ability and much more. The SB3 feels well made, with quality components and sealed from dust and humidity. The installation is a two minute plug and play. The SB3 is tiny and sturdy making it easy to tuck under the pillion seat and zip tie it in place. Its impossible to install it the wrong way. The unit comes with a good stock profile that will probably suit most users. I wanted to explore other profiles and create my own by modifying the variables. With a tiny bit of patience to cycle through the verification flashes of the rear brake light, I programmed and re-programmed it until I ended up with a profile that I liked, , if anyone is curious.
    The manual makes it sound somewhat more complicated than it is, but in essence its about counting blinks and holding/releasing/holding the brake lever. You can’t go wrong playing with combinations and if you don’t like the result, it can be changed in less than a minute.

    PS: If you don’t care about customizing the flashing profile, the SB2 or the SB3 do about the same. I personally like the SB3 flexibility and I will soon be ordering more for my other bikes.

  10. Unknown

    SupaBrake 3 is awesome!!! I had purchased a SupaBrake 2 for my 2007 V Star 650 Classic, and for my 2014 CB500X, I had to get the SupaBrake 3. This new model is better than the last. It literally took 5 seconds to install it on my Honda. This is the best modulator on the market, but the customer service you will receive from Bernard exceeds the quality of his products! Buy a brake light modulator from Vizi-Tec. Your life could depend on it!

  11. Joshua Hollinger-Lant

    Amazing Product and Customer Service. The customer service at Vizi-Tec is beyond compare. They helped me out, more than I could have ever asked for, and even custom made a Superbrake 3 for my Honda CBR300R. Once the product was received, it literally installed in seconds, and worked exactly as advertised. I will be recommending this product to everyone I know with a motorcycle, and I think it is definitely a must have!

  12. Ian Ridge

    Fantastic product. Factory quality. Safety upgrade everyone should do.

  13. Popelka

    Works as advertised, very happy with ease of connection and instructions for use.

  14. Unknown

    Not just a flasher! You don’t just get a great on fly programmable device, but you also get the people behind it. Truly plug and play easy for installation and programming is easy (if read the docs) and can be done and redone anytime anywhere!

  15. Lee Bowman

    SupaBrake III. So easy to install. Took all of 1 minute once I removed the rear rack which only took about 3 minutes. Excellent safety device. Thanks.

  16. Douglas Lowenthal

    This unit is easy to install and program for numerous combinations of flashing patterns. It works great with my Triumph T120 LED brake light.

  17. Kevin

    Supabrake 3 Indian was easy to hook up to my Roadmaster. It takes a little reading, re-reading to adjust the variables, # of flashes, time between braking for the next flash event. I figured it out pretty easily to where I changed my variables to my likes. Works great as advertised and should help make me and my Indian more noticeable. Especially when braking!

  18. Jose E Lopez

    Well so far so good . I installed it a week ago and it was very easy to install , just plug and play , anybody can do it . It works … I left it as it came with the factory settings which is fine by me . Thanks for a great product .

  19. Matthew

    Easy install. Waterproof connectors. Performs perfectly with default settings. Not too much flashing… just the right amount; and I love that it reverts to normal break light mode after initial flash for the next 12 seconds (whatever). Very pleased.

  20. Charles

    This is my second SupaBrake (one for my Yamaha and now one for my Triumph). Both have been great. They are extremely easy to install and have tons of programmable options – not that you have to worry about that if you like the stock programming (which I do).
    Overall a great product and based on the thank you / note cards that came in both orders, great people too!

  21. Roger Kilgore

    Works great but way too complicated to program. In my retirement community you want flashing all the time when you hit the brakes, not a selective algorithm of flashes. Still. I would recommend. Bernard(vizi-tec): FYI… The SB3 can be programed to remove the GracePeriod. Thus it will yield “flashing all the time”.

  22. Buzz

    Customer service was great. Fitment was perfect. Installation was easy, truly plug and play. The learning curve was steeper than I expected, and I had to re-read the instructions several times to fully understand how the variables interact to produce a result I liked. A video tutorial would be a great way to help the average rider figure this tech marvel out quicker.

  23. Barry

    Kawasaki Vulcan S. Awesome product and great customer service. Must have for anyone concerned about safety. Just plug in and you are done.

  24. Derrick

    Well made and plug’n play 🙂 Very easy installation. Working on my profile so it maximizes my confidence.

  25. Rafael Gorospe

    Easy to Install and Works Amazing. Took me maybe 3 minutes to plug the whole thing in and use some velcro to tidy up all the wiring. I actually had one of these installed in my old Monster and loved how it performed so much that I got another for my current bike.

  26. patrick simpson

    Supabrake 4. Easy to install and setup. works well and alerts other drivers behind you. a must have these days with so many on their phones and not paying attention.

  27. ken

    FAST DELIVERY,works as should ,easy plug and play and program. Very satisfied.

  28. Dave Ayers

    Excellent flasher. Much better then any cheap eBay flasher. Programming was easy to do. Dave Ayers

  29. Charles

    Awesome as usual. This is my 3rd brake light modulator. Every time I trade my motorcycle, I get one. Super easy installation, connectors are perfect, and tons of customization. I use the default setup and am very happy with it.

  30. Ken

    Supabrake II.. Awesome product. Have it on my BMW, and recently added it to my Indian. This is the only one I know of which doesn’t interfere with the cruise control on Indian motorcycle. Great product!!

  31. Jeff W.

    Excellent Added Safety. Excellent product for added safety on my 2012 Victory Cross Country. It’s CANBUS compliant so it didn’t interfere with my cruise control the way another brand brake unit did, and I was able to connect it to my Kuryakyn auxiliary brake lights too. Bernard is also super-helpful to answer all questions. …I highly recommend this product as an added safety feature to ALL motorcycles.

  32. Walter Peterson

    Was tired of manualy blinking my rear brake light so gave this a try, works Great. Very easy to install. Took me a lil while to adjust settings , just read instructions closely and its really easy. I only changed 1 setting the other factory settings worked for me.Good Product!

  33. james

    Probably a Life Saver

  34. Mike Gallaway

    Installed this on my Chieftain. Went for the SUPABRAKE 3. As promised, plug and play…taking about 15 minutes. At 70, I’m not a technophile but did manage to program it in about half an hour. As an MSF Instructor, I impress on students the importance of visibility in regards to safety and the SUPABRAKE3 is just what I was looking for.

  35. Folkies

    SB-3 for KTM 1290 SuperDuke R. A really great product. The thing I like the most about SB-3 that it is plug and play. I hate accessories where you have to cut in the original wiring loom, not the SB-3…..super. To get it working is very easy, but you have to follow the manual exactly than it’s a piece of cake. I can recommend it to every one because I noticed that lagging traffic is very alert and braking sooner because of SB-3 flashing.
    TOP product…..many thanks


    Works As Advertised. Priced right. Simple to install. High quality connectors and wiring. Stows easily under seat, hardly taking up any room. The options instructions are indeed a tad complicated but the basic setup that comes with the unit is just how I would do it anyway, so no issues here. What more could you want?

  37. hinge.pat

    2019 R9T pure….plug it in and go…good product…
    5*s… My favorite and safest modifications I have made to date.

  38. Dan

    Suprabrake II. Very easy = plug and play connection. I haven’t tried any of the non-stock setting, as it appears to work well in the original mode.

  39. Mr. Briggs

    Works exactly as advertised and very easy to install. My only issue was locating the brake-light plug on my ride, but once I found it I was done in no time.

  40. Wes B.

    Simple and Works Great! I just received mine and only took a few minutes to get it installed on my Thunderbird. Plug and Play simple. Plug is under the right cover. Programming took a couple of minutes and I was ready to ride. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve visibility while riding.

  41. Dave Karath

    Simple install well

  42. Hank K.

    Freakin awesome! Does exactly as described. No extra lights needed to add to be conspicuous and ruin the look of my 2019 Bonneville T100. Take the seat off, unplug the rear light harness, plug the device in line, put the seat back, program. Done! It’s very rare to have a motorcycle product install and simply work the first time. The folks at vizi-tec are no bull business people that stand by their stuff. Just buy it, you won’t regret it.

  43. Dan Peretz

    Bought it, installed it, programmed it and it works! Wow, what a concept. Simple to program and install. want that additional attention when braking? this is it.

  44. Mike Riley

    2019 Indian Scout. Plug and play easy install with one wire tie. There is an unused hole for a wire tie under the fender and it fits there perfect. The factory settings were not to my liking and it took a while to figure out how to change it. Once you understand how to do it it is fairly easy but in my opinion it has too many variations and should come with maybe 10 presets. Most people probably won’t mess with initial setting just because it is somewhat difficult to understand the directions to reprogram. All in all worth the time to install and reprogram and will make riding safer in this age of endless driving while texting.

  45. Unknown

    Easy. Truly plug and play. The guide to modify standard settings is well written, and I recommend that you read that first before buying if you really want to capitalize on the many options.

  46. Unknown

    Great product, as advertised & super simple install! Received my SupraBrake3 (Triumph Tiger 800XC) within a few days (shipped next day). Install was *REALLY* straight forward with the most difficult part being fishing the bikes brake connector/harness out from the clasp in small, rear most compartment under the seat. After that, it was simply unplug the stock connector and plug-in the Supra3. Done.
    There’s a *TON* of configuration variables which can be a little overwhelming and a bit confusing at first. But once you understand how configuration works, it’s simple and the same for each item. Very happy with the SupraBrake3 as it adds a critical visibility/safety feature I believe should be part of every bike off the manufacturer floor.

  47. Unknown

    Plug and Play Perfection! Wow, super easy and quick to install! It actually took me longer to secure and tidy up the flasher module with the cable ties than it did to install. Works perfectly! Have already recommended to my riding friends……

  48. Michael

    EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Ordered an SB2, but the first unit was not working properly. Bernard was on the case from the very start. He suggested things to try. When that didn’t work he sent me an upgrade, an SB3, for no additional charge. The SB3 works like a charm. Great product and wonderful customer service.

  49. Michael

    An Insurance Policy! This is my second device I’ve bought. It is easy to install, plug and play. It works great and provides a level of safety beyond LED brake lights. I highly recommend the product and the company.

  50. Billy

    This is a good buy! A perfect 10

  51. David E.

  52. william cralle

    the plugs on this controller matched the bikes plugs.

  53. Frank M

    Good product

  54. Juan Pablo Fernandez

    This is probably the 10th SB unit I got, either for my own bikes or for friends. Bernard has always been fantastic in delivering and even accommodating special orders (ie. custom harnesses and connectors). I put these in every bike I have around me in my bike tribe.

  55. Allan C.

    I’m a repeat buyer! Easiest mod install you will ever do, with the greatest benefit… be seen! And they always give a personal touch to your order. Great product, great service. Thx!

  56. Roy Fisher

    Thank you for the upgrade from SupeBrake ll to SupeBrake lll. You didn’t have to do it, but is greatly appreciated. That’s what great customer service is.

  57. Todd Macoubrie

    Very easy to install and provides a additional level of safety! ordering was very easy and received the unit very quickly. I am very pleased with he product.

  58. Brian B.

    The SupaBrake III quickly came in mail and had the exact connectors that matched my Indian FTR (no wire splicing required). I had previously installed a brake light modulator from a different manufacturer that turned out to not be compatible with the motorcycle’s CAN BUS system. I’m extremely happy with the personal service given, the quality of the unit, and adjustability of the modulator. A great addition for safer riding!

  59. Brian W.

    Delivery was quick and the product is as easy to set up as advertises. The tough part was installation, but that was due to where the plug is on the Indian scout.

    I would definitely use Vizi-Tec again!

  60. Charles M.

    This is my 4th Supabrake Light Modulator. Every time it has arrived quickly and worked perfectly!

  61. William Lightner

  62. Quinn C.

    Great product, simple plug & play install, full programming instructions, fantastic customer service!!!

  63. Anonymous

    Outstanding customer support! not to mention great brake light modulating options.

  64. Chris Smith

    Arrived faster than expected and was incredibly easy to install. Would recommend this product to anyone.

  65. Dan Brantley

    This is a fabulously designed plug and play safety device. Works perfectly.

  66. Jeff Molyneux

    Awesome product and customer service is second to none from Bernard

  67. anthony d.

    The best product and superior customer support ! I had a small issue and the customer support was amazing – they solved my issue and I’m super happy.

  68. Daniel S.

    2019 Vulcan 650s – once I found the brake connections, (had to take apart the seat and rear fender), installation was a snap and the module is small enough to hide in the same area as the OEM switch. I got the bike back together and checked the brake light one more time – I liked the default settings, so I kept them. For me, it was plug and ride, can’t ask for much more, well worth the price.

  69. Dick Garrett

    My 2016 BMW R1200RT has a very bright LED brake light but that’s only part of the solution to preventing an inattentive car driver from rear ending me as I come to a stop at an intersection. A static brake light is far less effective than a pulsating light as you apply the brakes, and the SB3 is the most cost effective modulator on the market for BMWs from 2014 on. I’ve used modulators for both brake lights and headlights since the early days of their appearance and have witnessed their effectiveness. Since the CANbus electrical system design started around 2006, we shade tree mechanics and techies have been hesitant to cut into the bike’s wiring because of the risk of seriously messing up the digital network, the new central nervous system of modern motorcycles. The ViziTec SB3 alleviates that fear through its design as a small plug-in harness that requires very little technical knowledge on the part of the user. For those who want a deep dive into playing with the configuration possibilities of the device, have at it, with little fear of irreparably screwing it up. And real technical support is readily available to assist everyone from the novice to the Elon Musks among us. Great product for a critical safety consideration for motorcyclists.

  70. Robin Smith

    Super fast delivery and a quality product – highly recommended!!!

  71. Daniel Schiavoni

    Great as usual. This was my 4th module

  72. Toby L.

    Simply a very smart unit that make your brake lights attract the attention needed to keep you and the following driver safe.

  73. charles s.

    Awesome easy to install and Bernard is right there to answer questions! Thank you

  74. Banky

    Love the product, really believe it gets the desired attention without being annoying. Service is EXCELLENT! I am recommending the supabrake to my riding community. Thanks VIZI-TEC.

  75. Alejandro M.

    My dad told me he bought one for is BMW, he showed me a video of it in action and how it does smart flashes whenever you stop. So I bought one. We went out riding together and tested it out and we both are very pleased in the ease of mind it gives us knowing that the flashing of the brakes being very noticeable.

  76. phillip wood

  77. Oakmond Jones

    no complaints, spot on picture perfect, very impressed

  78. David O’Mahony

    A 5 as I had one before but I haven’t received it yet – still with usps

  79. David B.

    Great safety device and easy install

  80. WILLIAM J.

    Service and shipping were prompt, and installation was as simple as it gets. The unit is truly plug and play. Total time for the install and programming was under 45 minutes, with most of that time spent removing and reinstalling the luggage racks.

  81. Anonymous

  82. David G.

    We are working our way through the development of a new application

  83. Josep Manel S.

  84. TOMMY W.

    Simple easy to install product. Programming is a bit much if you don’t do this everyday. I will be calling to help program. Maybe should have ordered with the extra connector extra brake light might be adding. Overall good product will recommend.

  85. Mickey Mantel

    It took me literally less than 5 minutes to install it and even though I’ve programmed one before I had forgotten how but with the help of the internet I was about to program it the way I wanted it in about 5 minutes. Thanks for a great product.

  86. Ralph Key

    Ordered suprabrake 2 but It arrived with the wrong connectors. I contacted Vizitec and immediately another brake was sent. Bernard sent my order upgraded to Suprabrake3!
    You can absolutely trust Vizitec. If there is a problem it will be made right. I trust them 100%

  87. John R.

    Fantastic flexibility and easy programming without removing from the bike! I was especially looking for a plug-and-play solution so this fit the bill perfectly.

  88. Ken A.

    So far so good but I haven’t received it yet

  89. MHO

    SupaBrake Three modulator. Smartest brake modulator on the market. Highly recommended. Easy plug and play installation on a 2019 Kawasaki Z900. With a bit of practice, programming it becomes routine (just be patient). Very good value. You’ll spend $300 on a helmet, $100 on a back protector, $500 on a slip-on exhaust, but guess what the driver of the two-ton-SUV directly behind you is going to notice first when you brake hard? That’s right, the $115 brake modulator. Also, Bernard is very responsive to your email. Overall, excellent transaction.

  90. Andrew Parker

    I’m happy with the extra peace-of-mind I have when I install this product on my rides, especially for the reasonable cost. This is the fourth unit I’ve bought over the years and I know they work, I now have them on all my road bikes, and I’ve given them as gifts at times. I can see how drivers react to the pulsing lights, and my friends comment on how it really gets their attention in a positive way.

  91. Anonymous

    SupaBrake 3 installed on a 2019 Kawasaki Z900. Easy install. Easy to re-program (just be patient and read the instructions). Great upgrade. Makes you very conspicuous in traffic. The smartest brake modulator on the market. Also, great value. You’ll spend $300 on a helmet and $300 on a moto jacket, but guess what the driver of the two-ton SUV directly behind you will notice first when you brake hard from 70 miles per hour? Answer: the $115 brake modulator. Part of the premium you pay is for convenience. Instead of splicing wires, you just plug and play. Finally, Bernard is great to deal with because he’s so responsive via email. Highly recommended.

  92. Anonymous

  93. Jeffrey S.

    Other than the ViziTec label, you can’t tell that this isn’t an OEM part. The build quality is that good. Completely plug n’ play with connectors that match the OEM connectors exactly. You can simply plug it in and use the standard flashing mode or fine tune it to your liking. Very quick response to inquiries, shipping and delivery.

  94. Jeffrey Smith

    Other than the ViziTec label, you can’t tell that this isn’t an OEM part. The build quality is that good. Completely plug n’ play with connectors that match the OEM connectors exactly. You can simply plug it in and use the standard flashing mode or fine tune it to your liking. Very quick response to inquiries, shipping and delivery.

  95. Bruce B.

  96. Ryan B.

    There extent to which you can customize this is impressive.

  97. Mark

    So far I have purchased 3 Suprabrake III brake light modulators from vizi-tec and I must say that the build quality, plug and play ability and very compact size is amazing and nothing else that I’ve previously tied before discovering vizi-tec can’t even come close these things are awesome with so many different brake light flashing combinations also the customer service is unmatched and Bernard is the man!!!!.

    Thanks Bernard 👍

  98. Blain Shelton

    Excellent product ! Installed on Triumph Tiger, it took longer to get into the taillight area than to install and program ! Lol. I would recommend anyone to read through the downloadable instructions first and then keep the “cheat sheet” as a photo for future reference.
    Excellent service and response from Bernard as well !

  99. Tom S.

    This is my fourth unit. I have them on all the bikes I’ve owned. Plug it in and you’re done. The flash pattern works great. I had to contact customer service once and they got back to me right away and talked me through it. Even gave me a discount code for the next purchase. Great unit you won’t be disappointed.

  100. Rob O.

    Great product, minutes to install, An anxious wait to get to Auz from US ( thanks to COVID-19) but well worth it. Thanks Bernard.

  101. Christopher Teague

    Installed this on my 2017 H-D Electra Glide Ultra Classic. Very straightforward to install and program once I downloaded the instructions on the website. Highly recommend this safety improvement that is also cool.

  102. Michael E.

    Arrived before expected. Works as described. Very easy to install. No cutting no splicing. This is the best break modulator I have purchased.

  103. David

    Works beautifully, it is truly plug-and-play as advertised. Took just minutes to get it setup, and very easy to program.

  104. steven l.

    Purchased for my 2018 Scout. Very easy plug and play. Just a little work tucking it away under rear fender.

  105. Anonymous

  106. James J.

    Thank goodness I want to leave the program standard.

  107. Daniel C.

    Bernard helped me with the selection of the unit and shipped it right away. I love supporting small companies that sincerely appreciate my business, and this is certainly one of them. Installation was super easy and works great. Thank you Bernard!

  108. Peter Elespuru

  109. James Shippen

    An excellent device, truly plug, play and forget, with product support from Vizi-Tec which was above and beyond anything expected.


  111. Graham L.

    Great piece of kit, really easy to fit!

  112. Ron D.

    Simple to connect and easy to program. Took a little digging to be able to see it flash, but not hard to figure out.

  113. John K.

    It was great to have a plug-n-ride option for my 2017 Ducati Monster 1200 R. There was some slight disassembly of panels at the rear to access the brake wiring. Having the New Rage Cycles fender eliminator kit was not a problem and the modulator easily tucked away and mounted securely. This is a valuable and worthwhile safety accessory.

  114. Parts Department

  115. William

  116. Robert

    Quick personalized service!

  117. Anonymous

  118. Joseph

    Best update on my Multistrada! Of all the accessories and upgrades I’ve done to my bike, the VIZI-TEC brake light module makes my bike more visible on the highway. Super easy install and the shipping was quick!

  119. Melvin McBride

    Programming is difficult. The programming manual is 24 pages long

  120. Tim G.

    Awesome product. SUPER easy install and to use

  121. Anonymous

    This is the second supabrake III that I have purchased and installed on a bike. I really like the product and the easy plug-and-playability. I definitely recommend it. Installation instructions leave a bit to be desired though. I had to comb through youtube and still couldn’t find a great installation guide for my bike. Figured it out though, and some bikes (like my last bike) are definitely easier than others for accessing the brake light.

  122. Anonymous

    Works perfectly, easy installation, tons of programming options. Including a copy of the instructions for programming would be helpful, I found them online easily enough though.

  123. Gerald B.

    The Supabrake light modulator was the easiest mod to do. Fully plug and play. Amazing customization and superb customer support!! Highly recommend.


    One of the major problem is that you write in adjusting instructions in engineerese for which the lay person is totally lost. One point I want to bring to your attention is that the State of California has in their DMV laws the only way that your flasher must work, 1/2 second off, 1/2 second brake light, 1/2 second off, 1/2 second brake light, they allow only four full seconds before the brake light must stay on, other States don’t have this

  125. CLIVE D.

    Buying a Brake Modulator is a no brainer really and you cannot put a price on your own safety after all. I found Bernard at Vizi-Tech very friendly and extremely helpful. The modulator was super easy to fit being custom made for the bike (Tiger 800) and was simply a matter a disconnecting one plug and adding the Supabrake into the circuit. A two minute job once you access the wiring. Have left the settings at the default value for the time being but will have a play with these when I get the opportunity.

  126. Christopher Devine

    This is an extremely well designed product with high manufacturing standards. Unlike it’s weaker competitors, it is truly plug and play and took me just 10 minutes to install this along with my auxiliary brake lighting. No fuss, no muss.

    What makes this product spectacular in my mind is that the customer service is above and beyond what I expected. Bernard consulted with me directly to ensure a proper fitment for both my bike as well as the plug for my auxiliary lighting.
    I purchased this for my 2020 Africa Twin and couldn’t be happier.

  127. Daniel L.

    Excellent product. Easy to install and program.

  128. Rob S.

    Very helpful piece of kit

  129. Christopher Gordineer

    Super easy to install and program. Absolutely love it!

  130. Andrew Parker

    Great product. Amazing array of settings. First class customer service, as always.

  131. Tim G.

    Fast shipping! put one on my bike and love it. bought this one for my son’s bike and ordered late for his birthday but they still got it to me on time. Awesome, comprehensive, and easy to install and set up. Will be on all my bikes.

  132. Alan H.

    Easy to install, even on a Ducati Panigale, worked exactly as described. Absolutely no error messages. Highly recommend.

  133. bruno c.

    Do the job perfectly…👍

  134. Ronald F.

  135. Kevin Carpenter

    My second purchase for a new bike. Simplest install and it just works. Far more noticeable when braking. Will always add one on any motorcycle I own.

  136. DEREK N.

    I had a Supabrake-III on an previous 2007 R1200GSA and purchased again for my newer bike. On the 2013 GSA the install was even easier with placement of Supabrake-III at the connection to the tail light assembly. Loosening of bolts under fender, the tail light could be removed by 3 mounting bolts, Supabrake installed and wiring ticked in and zip tied and all tightened up. Customizing of flash sequencing easy per instructions. Works great! Bernard is great to work with and very helpful.

  137. Bernard

  138. Anonymous

    Nice plug and play device and very compact.

  139. Banky

    Really appreciate the enhanced visibility the Supabrake provides, and the excellent service from VIZI-TEC.

  140. Thomas C.

    Best safety device with plenty of options for your brake light! Add a Brakefree helmet light and you will have the best chance of getting the attention of the driver behind you. Have these on both of my bikes.

  141. Brent

    Great product, and great customer service.
    Shipped fast and installed with ease.

  142. Michael Lukason

    I’m really impressed with the build quality of the product. Feels solid and looks to be impervious to the elements. Installation was literally a 30 second plug-and-play affair.

    I had some fun programming the unit to match what I think is an attention grabbing profile. The programming process is clearly explained in the instructions that you can download from the website.

    I received great, personalized service from Bernard with the assurance that I could contact him if I encountered any issue with install or programming. Vizi-tec is a wonderful company that I would highly recommend!

  143. Randall F.

    Very pleased with my purchase of Supabrake. Installation on 06 R1200RT was extremely easy. This a high tech product, way above others in features and quality. But above all the customer service is outstanding! It’s apparent that Bernard takes extreme pride in his products and his customers. Top notch … Thanks

  144. James Mead

    Bernard is the best. Hands down the best customer sevice I’ve had in a very very long time. Keep up the amazing work!

  145. Todd Walker

  146. Robert H.

  147. Tim G.

    Awesome product. Have 5 of them now. 5 star customer service

  148. Don D.

    Super easy install. Fast shipping. Does the trick. Thx

  149. Phillip C.

    A product that actually does what is designed to do. Best customer service ever. Something rare in this day and age. Bernard was great to deal with and even helped me wire auxiliary lights to the extra pig tail i ordered with the unit. Can’t say enough good things about the product and service.

  150. Steven D.

    Great product and support, truly plug and play.

  151. Thomas W.

    I installed the supabrake ll on my 2017 Honda Africa twin. The install was straight forward and I couldn’t be happier. I really liked not having to splice any OEM wiring. The connectors on the supabrake were good quality and locked in nicely to the OEM connectors.

  152. Steven F.

    This is a great product. This is the second one that I have purchased. The plug and play connectors alone make it worth the money. I hate cutting wires on a bike.

  153. Russ B.

    This is the 2nd Supabrake light modulator I have purchased for a 2nd bike. Sure, they are not cheap but they could save your life with the extensive ways you can set these lights up for your taste and for your area. I have also purchased “Back Off” modulators which are about have the price but the vizi-tec modulators are plug and play, no messing around with wire splicing and a much limited choice of functions. I will stick with vizi-tec in the future. I should also add that the support from Bernard is fantastic…. perfect.

  154. Michael G.

  155. Stuart Hawker

    Superb quality with plug & Play system, makes it simple to fit.
    Fantastic customer service from the team at VisiTec.
    This is my 3rd unit purchased for different bikes, I think that speaks volumes !!

  156. Stephen S.

    Extremely simple to install, operates exactly as promised with a multitude of options and exceptional customer service.

  157. Lars Magnussen

  158. Michael Y.

    Some of the best service anywhere. Products are innovative and always work as expected. I’ve bought several brake modulators from Bernard and have always been pleased.

  159. Karl H.

    Great product, easy to install and outstanding customer service. What more is there, thanks Bernard at Vizi-Tec.

  160. Mark Timney

    You’re ‘how to’ instructions could be a little better… but I have extensive technical writing skills.

  161. Charles M.

    Good Product, Excellent support.

  162. Ronald Bell

    Great product. Truly plug and play easy installation.

  163. Richard Pike

    haven’t had time to install but the company was very helpful with more information and shipped very fast

  164. Michael Novelle

  165. Martin Gauthier

  166. Rodney H.

    I have a 2022 Triumph T120 Black and the Vizi-Tec works great on my bike. Easy to install, took a few mins of reading to understand the configuration patterns. But I found it easy to reconfigure the device to my liking. Would definitely recommend with a AAA+++++

  167. Craig Billingsley

    Great simple product. The handwritten note was a nice touch!

  168. Kenrick h.

    Awesome product! I’ve put this product on my last three motorcycles. It’s definitely worth the wait for the plug and play unit. Although this item took a few of weeks to be completed, I was informed weekly on where they were in the manufacture process, which I really appreciated. I will continue to purchase these products for their quality, and ease of installation. Thanks Bernard!

  169. Anonymous

  170. Blain Shelton

    Just installed my second Supabrake 3
    modulator, love these ! Absolute plug & play as advertised and great price as well. Definitely an eye catcher that quite possibly could save you a lot of heartache !

  171. Matthew F.

    Works great! Installed on 2016 Victory Cross Country Tour. A Plug-n-play setup, between the connector right behind the seat that clips to the plastic inner fender. Installed and then left on a 12 day 4,500 mile ride. No issue with any other systems, to include Cruise Control. I actually modified mine a bit at the output connector by inserting wiring to run additional turn signal lights. I believe the turn signal wiring is just pass-thru. I also go the additional pigtail to run other stuff in the future.

  172. mark morrison

    Excellent product & service. This is my 5th SupraBrake install & I hav never experienced any issues with any of them. Quality kit!

  173. Eric

    Excellent and consistent service over the years

  174. eric c.

    Great product plug and play on my R nine T racer. 5 minutes in and out. Looks amazing. I have it on both of my bikes.

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